A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®

A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®

A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®

The Tank Dolly®


The Tank Dolly® holds weight for 2 cold water divers

Stop carrying your weight in a hand-held bag; Roll your weight and tanks to the boat and dive site

Weight Box dimensions:

  • Length: 19 inches (48.2 cm)

  • Width: 7.37 inches (18.7 cm)

  • Height: 5 inches (12.7 cm)

  • You can double stack (20) 5-pound (2.3 kg) weights into the Weight Box ⏤ That's 700 cubic inches (11 liters) of cargo space

  • 24 drainage slots are manufactured into the bottom of the Tank Dolly® Weight Box

Shark Tip:

⚠️ We recommend keeping all your weight in the Weight Box until you reach your final destination.


⚠️ Improper weighting can lead to a fatal dive

DAN 24 Hour Diving Emergency Helpline: (919) 684-9111

⚠️ Improper weighting is a leading casual factor to a fatal diving incident Divers Alert Network

⚠️ If you believe the weight for 2 divers cannot fit in the Weight Box, you are most likely overweighted and may die!  

⚠️ Don't die ⏤ Contact your local dive shop and sign-up for a buoyancy class to improve your skills   

Divers Alert Network recommends the below guide as a starting point to create your weight profile:

  • 10% of your body weight for a 6 mm wetsuit

  • 5% of your body weight for a 3 mm wetsuit

Additional considerations:

  • Body fat percentage will greatly influence how much weight the diver requires

  • Muscle has greater density than fat, causing muscle to sink and fat to float

  • The size of your scuba tank

  • Drysuit undergarments

  • A diver is more buoyant in saltwater than freshwater

  • An old wetsuit is less buoyant than a new wetsuit


Scuba gear is heavy

Safe lifting techniques:

  • Do not lift with your back

  • Maintain proper posture and do not arch your back

  • Lift with your legs, arms, and abdominal muscles

  • Bend your knees or place one knee on the deck when lifting a heavy item off the ground

⚠️ Safe lifting techniques will help prevent injuries as you place and remove a scuba tank and weight belt from your Tank Dolly®.