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Shark Bite Scuba® and The Tank Dolly®

Thank you for trusting Shark Bite Scuba® with your gear

I am an underwater photographer, the inventor of The Tank Dolly® and the owner of Shark Bite Scuba®. 

You are on this site because you're searching for a better way to move your heavy gear, and reduce your trips to and from the boat or the dive site. I understand. The lack of an efficient method to move gear was our motivation to design The Tank Dolly®.

Not only do I have a dive bag, weight, and heavy tanks; I have a large camera bag, dry-bag, drysuit bag, undergarment bag, and a pony bottle. 

I have lots of gear, ask my dive buddies.

I am often asked about the origin of my company's name

I have been fascinated by sharks and scuba diving since I was a child. The word "bite" was added to create uniqueness and make light of the unwarranted concern that a shark might bite a diver.


My goal: Design a modular tank dolly to move scuba gear

I needed an effective method to move all my gear safely, securely, and with minimal effort

This concept was simple, but the engineering was not.

In 2008, I drew the first design of The Tank Dolly® on a cocktail napkin while flying home from a Costa Rica dive trip.

I built the first model of The Tank Dolly® from foam-board and attached the components with a hot glue gun.

Proudly Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in the USA


Shark Bite Scuba®, LLC.

Shark Bite Scuba® is a privately owned company located in Ventura County, California

Shark Bite Scuba® was started by divers who love scuba diving, the ocean, and all of its inhabitants; especially sharks.

About the owner

Professionally, I am an active, full-time law enforcement officer for nearly 30 years. 

Additionally, I am a rescue diver and have been a professional photographer since 1986.

My first certification dive was in 1993 at Catalina Island, CA.


Protector by choice ⏤ Hero by chance

Discount pricing for Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Military, EMS, and Dive Professionals

To the men and women who serve our country, thank you! 

Please, let me know how I may serve you.

General Douglas MacArthur

"The soldier above all other people prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war."


The dive industry recognized Shark Bite Scuba®


Welcome to the Shark Bite Scuba® family

Thank you for trusting us with your gear

  • Pearl Harbor: USS Arizona Dive Team - National Park Service

  • Law Enforcement and Fire Department Dive Teams

  • Our Wounded Warriors who use scuba for rehabilitation

  • Aquarium of the Pacific

  • Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium

  • Department of Natural Resources (Aquatic Marine Services)

  • Kapolei Water Resort and Spa

  • SOS Group - Solutions for Survival

  • Breathing Systems, Inc.

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Every year 100,000,000 sharks and rays are killed by humans

Information provided by the International Shark Attack Files

  • 66 unprovoked, non-fatal, shark attacks worldwide in 2018

  • 53% = Surfing/board sports

  • 30% = Swimming/wading

  • 6% = Snorkeling/freediving

  • 5% = Scuba diving

  • 3% = Body surfing/horseplay/shallow water activities

Sharks were responsible for 5 human deaths worldwide in 2018

  • 4 unprovoked

  • 1 provoked

Please, help protect our sharks