A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®



How do you carry a 43 pound (19 kg) tank? ⏤ The Tank Dolly®

Which method do you use to carry a scuba tank?

Do you use the one-handed, place the tank valve between your fingers and use your opposite arm for balance method?

This method is acceptable when moving a tank only a few feet, but it quickly starts to hurt your hand after a minute and stresses your lower back ⏤ The Tank Dolly® solves this problem!

Don't forget about your 18 pound (8.2 kg) weight belt for a cold water dive

  • A diver's weight belt is approximately 10% of his/her bodyweight while wearing a 6 mm wetsuit


How do you carry a 43 pound (19.5 kg) scuba tank?

Do you use your lower back to lift a tank off the deck and place it on your shoulder?

  • Never lift with your lower back ⏤ Lifting a tank off the deck and placing it on your shoulder requires a perfect lifting technique

  • This method creates a tremendous amount of stress on your lower back

  • Balancing a 43 pound (19.5 kg) and 24 inches (61 cm) long metal tank on your shoulder can quickly become painful

  • Losing focus for even a second while lifting a tank can quickly create injury

These methods of moving a tank will only benefit your physical therapist and chiropractor

  • If you are injured you can't dive ⏤ That's no fun!

  • Always utilize safe methods when lifting and bending

  • Use your Tank Dolly® to roll the heaviest gear and prevent injury