A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®


Integrating your Tank Dolly® into beach and shore diving

Use map software such as Google Earth or Maps for integrating your Tank Dolly® into beach diving:

  • Viewing your dive site in "satellite mode" shows the location of parking, the types of terrain and the distance over the terrain your Tank Dolly® must traverse to reach the point-of-entry

  • The type of terrain dictates the model of tires used on your Tank Dolly® (Sand Tires or All-Terrain Tires)

The Tank Dolly® was designed to be locked if left unattended

Viewing your dive site in "satellite mode" will show if a fixed object is assessable near your point-of-entry to lock your Tank Dolly® to if left unattended


Locking your Tank Dolly®

Locate a fixed object such as a table, bench, fence, handrail, bike rack, or a lifeguard tower

  • Remove the Oval Handle for the Tank Brace

  • Place the Oval Handle in the Weight box

  • Thread a lockable cable through the Oval Handle and the (2) 1 inch (2.5 cm) diameter portholes engineered into the Weight Box

  • Use a combination lock to secure the Tank Dolly®

Lifeguard tower:

  • Ask permission from the lifeguard before locking your Tank Dolly® to the tower

  • Part of your pre-dive planning should be to locate a fixed object to lock your Tank Dolly® to if left unattended


Important message from Shark Bite Scuba®

⚠️Shark Bite Scuba’s beach, shore, and open water diving tips are not intended to replace an accredited scuba diving certification course offered by agencies such as PADI, NAUI, or SSI, but are presented as safety guidelines, as well as an introduction to integrating The Tank Dolly® into scuba diving.

⚠️Training and practice will save your life

⚠️ Have a realistic view of your proven abilities, including your level of physical fitness.