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The Tank Dolly® and the Old Marineland beach dive

One on the longest walks to a dive site in California

  • Terranea Resort or better know as "Old Marineland" to California divers is approximately a 1,500 foot (457 m) walk from the parking lot to the point of entry at Terranea Beach (also known as Cobble Beach) to the East and Long Point to the West

Sea Hunt was filmed at Marineland from 1958-1961

  • Orky and Corky, the orcas,  lived at Marineland before they performed at Sea World in San Diego, CA, after a "mid-night" transfer under the cover of darkness and surrounded by scandal

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An asphalt parking lot is approximately 500 feet (152 m) from the sandy beach's point of entry

  •  The parking lot leads to a 340 foot (168 m) paved walkway and ends at a 60 foot (18 m) staircase; The staircase leads to a sandy beach

  • There's a lifeguard tower, tables, and benches between the parking lot and point-of-entry

  • The final 100 feet (30 m) leading to the point-of-entry is over deep, soft sand

However, there's not a fixed object on the beach to lock your Tank Dolly® to if left unattended.


The divers can lock their Tank Dolly® to the tables located next to the lifeguard tower or the handrail at the bottom of the staircase


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The divers decided to gear-up next to the table

The reason we decided to gear-up next to the table:

  • The table provides an elevated platform to conveniently gear-up and The Tank Dolly® can be locked to the a table, a bench, or a post

  • With our fins in hand, we will walk down the stairs, over the sand, and to our point-of-entry


  • In this example, All-Terrain Tires would be used, due to The Tank Dolly® is not being rolled over sand

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Shaws cover and divers cove in Laguna beach, CA


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