A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®



Seriously, your Tank Tank Dolly® really holds all this gear!


... And your Tank Dolly® transports Doubles, CCR, or a DPV

Doubles (also referred to as Twins):

  • Doubles: 2 scuba tanks connected by tank bands, manifold, attached to a backplate, wing, and harness

  • A wing and harness is used in lieu of a traditional BCD

  • Common scuba tank diameters for Doubles: 7.25 to 8 inch (18.4 to 20.3 cm)

  • The Tank Dolly® will secure a tank with a minimum diameter of 5.5-inches (13.9 cm)

⚠️Only use the DTS-28L strap to secure your Doubles rig


The Fin Holder and the Mesh gear bag

The Fin Holder and Mesh Gear Bag are sold as accessories:

The Fin Holder:    

  • Hold 4 XL fins

  • Bolts to the rear of your Tank Dolly®

The Mesh Gear Bag:      

  • Stores lightweight dive gear

  • Attaches to the rear of your Tank Dolly® with 4 hook and loop straps

🇺🇸The Fin Holder and the Mesh Gear Bag are Made in the USA