A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®



Attention to detail ⏤ The Tank Dolly®

The entire frame of your Tank Dolly® is constructed from marine grade 6063-T52 and 5052-H32 aluminum

  • 6063-T52 and 5052-H32 aluminum provide superior corrosion resistance to salt water and the marine environment

  • Strengthened through heat treatment (T52 and H32)

  • Powder coated for an extra layer of protection, as well as aesthetics

  • All the hardware is 316 and 301 marine grade passivated stainless-steel 

GTAW (TIG) welding is the most effective method that join aluminum joints

Advantages of TIG welding:

  • Precise

  • Purity of the weld

  • Superior weld quality

  • Welding critical joints


Customize your Tank Dolly® with 3 sets of rubber bumpers

Rubber bumpers and non-skid tape provide protection, stabilization, and functionality

  • Each scuba tank is cradled between 2 rubber bumpers for stability and protection

  • The rubber bumpers can be customized to secure your tank and BCD

  • 2 rubber bumpers protect the bottom of the Weight Box from ground abrasions and levels your Tank Dolly®

  • Non-skid tape protect the front and rear portion of the Tank Platform and prevents your scuba tank(s) from moving while traversing a rough trail

10-year limited warranty and return 30 day return policies:

Covers 100% of the aluminum frame, Fin Holder, stainless-steel axle, and hardware from material and craftsmanship defects.