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The Tank Dolly® ⏤ Limited Warranty and Returns


Shark Bite Scuba® provides 3 limited warranties that covers material and craftsmanship defects:

10-year warranty:

  • Covers 100% of The Tank Dolly's aluminum frame, Fin Holder, stainless-steel axle, and stainless-steel hardware

2-year warranty:

  • Covers 100% of our scuba tank straps (STO-08D, STB-34C, and DTS-28L)

1-year warranty:

  • Covers 100% of the All-Terrain Tire and Sand Tires (does not cover flats caused by any object)

30-day return policy for a 100% refund:

  • You may return your Tank Dolly® or any Shark Bite Scuba® accessory within 30 days from the date of purchase for a 100% refund (excluding all shipping fees)

  • You pay shipping to Shark Bite Scuba®

  • The product shall be undamaged, in its original packaging, and able to be sold as new in order to qualify for a 100% refund

  • If the returned product is damaged or cannot be sold as new,  the refunded percentage will be determined by Shark Bite Scuba®

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