A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®

A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®

A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®A scuba tank carrier by Shark Bite Scuba®

All-Terrain Tire ⏤ The Tank Dolly®

The All-Terrain Tire was engineered for the harshest marine environment

Made from solid polyurethane, the All-Terrain Tire Tank Dolly® will eliminate the possibility of a flat while you're on the most unforgiving trail

The All-Terrain Tire provides the extreme durability of a “no flat” tire with similar vibration dampening and shock absorption of a pneumatic tire

The All-Terrain Tire traverses any sold terrain such as a rocky trail, dirt path with potholes, gravel road, stairs, uneven concrete sidewalk, curbs, an asphalt parking lot, and a wet boat ramp

When do I use the Sand Tire?

The All-Terrain Tire was not designed to traverse soft, deep sand, and snow (use the Sand Tire)


All-Terrain Tire specifications

No bearings or lubricant to attract sand or dirt to create wear

  • Modular design allows individual components of the tire to be repaired or replaced

  • Dimensions: 10.2D x 3W inches (25.4D x 7.6W cm)

  • Set of All-Terrain Tires: 300 pounds (136 kg) maximum payload


  • Tire: Solid polyurethane

  • Nuts and bolts: 316 stainless-steel

  • Hub: High strength polypropylene

  • Hub diameter: 0.5 inch (1.2 cm)


All-Terrain Axle specifications

The axle supports over 350 pounds (159 kg) ⏤ You won't bend it!

  • Diameter: 0.5 inch (1.2 cm)

  • Length: 26 inches (66 cm)


  • Axle: Solid 304-stainless-steel