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Accessory: Nylon Mesh Gear Bag
17” x 14”, expands to 5” wide (43 x 35.5 x 13 cm)
Hook and loop strap attaches to either the tank brace or the fin holder
Holds: Two masks, two snorkels, four gloves, four booties, safe-a-dive kit, water, CPR mask or similar items
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Accessory: Doubles Tank Strap
Designed to secure one or two fully assembled single scuba tank(s) independent of one another or fully assembled “doubles”

Fin Holder

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Accessory: (2) Sand Tires and (1) Stainless Steel Axle
Engineered for the marine environment
Maximum payload: 176 lbs. (80 kg)
Includes 29” (73.7 cm) stainless steel axle
Sand tires are 4” (10cm) wider then all-terrain tires
Weight: Two tires: 3 lbs. (1.4 kg)
Accessory: Fin Holder
Securely holds four large fins
Bolts to the rear of the tank  brace and weight box
Designed to accept the Shark Bite Scuba® mesh gear bag
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